Welcome to the UEA & UCR Time Series Classification Repository

Please consider submitting your research to Time Series Workshop at ECML-PKDD: 5th Workshop on Advanced Analytics and Learning on Temporal Data Submit the abstract by June 9th, the paper by June 16th. The workshop will be blended, so remote presentation is fine.

The proceedings of last years workshop were published as a Lecture Notes in Computer Science

Recent TSC Papers

This website is an ongoing project to develop a comprehensive repository for research into time series classification. If you use the results or code, please cite the paper "Anthony Bagnall, Jason Lines, Aaron Bostrom, James Large and Eamonn Keogh, The Great Time Series Classification Bake Off: a Review and Experimental Evaluation of Recent Algorithmic Advances, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, 31(3), 2017". Paper Link, Bibtex Link. We are in the process of updating all the results for the new datasets.

If you want to just reference the website, please do so as: "Anthony Bagnall, Jason Lines, William Vickers and Eamonn Keogh, The UEA & UCR Time Series Classification Repository, www.timeseriesclassification.com".

If you want to donate data, have any queries or problems with any of the datasets or want to give feedback on the website, please raise an issue on the associated Github repo.

There are two code repositories associated with this website. The Java based, weka compatible toolkit tsml and the python based, sklearn compatible sktime.