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Algorithm    Type    Year   
Weighted Dynamic Time Warping Whole Series 2011
Time Warp Edit Distance Whole Series 2009
Time Series Forest Intervals 2013
Time Series Bag of Features Intervals 2013
Shapelet Transform Shapelets 2014
SAX and Vector Space Model Dictionary 2013
Move-Split-Merge Whole Series 2013
Learned Shapelets Shapelets 2014
Learned Pattern Similarity Intervals 2015
Fast Shapelet Tree Shapelets 2013
Euclidean Distance 0
Elastic Ensemble Whole Series 2014
Dynamic Time Warping 0
DTW Features Dictionary 2015
Derivative Transform Distance Whole Series 2014
Derivative DTW Whole Series 2014
Complexity-Invariant Distance Whole Series 2014
Collection of Transformation E Whole Series/Shapelets 2015
Bag of SFA Symbols Dictionary 2015
Bag of Patterns Dictionary 2012