Train SizeTest SizeLength Number of ClassesType
20 20512 2IMAGE

Data Source:
Donated By: J. Hills, A. Bagnall
Description: MPEG-7 CE Shape-1 Part B is a database of binary images developed for testing MPEG-7 shape descriptors, and is available free online. It is used for testing contour/image and skeleton-based descriptors. Classes of images vary broadly, and include classes that are similar in shape to one another. There are 20 instances of each class, and 60 classes in total. We have extracted the outlines of these images and mapped them into 1-D series of distances to the centre. Beetle/Fly is the problem of distinguishing between an outline of a beetle and a fly

Image relevant to dataset

Best Algorithm: BOSS
Best Accuracy: 94.85%
Paper First Used: hills14shapelet
Second Link: