Train SizeTest SizeLength Number of ClassesNumber of DimensionsType
105 105144 71SENSOR
Description: The fighter aeroplane shape database included Mirage, Eurofighter, F-14, Harrier, F-22 and F-15. Since F-14 has two possible shapes, one when its wings are closed and another when its wings are opened, total number of shape classes are seven. Each class includes 30 shape samples. Shape database was created by taking digital pictures of diecast replica models of these aeroplanes from top. Pictures were captured at 640 by 480 resolution, and were segmented using Spedge and Medge [6] color image segmentation algorithm. Contours of the segmented planes were used for training and testing of the classifier. Further details are available in the paper Thakoor, Ninad, and Jean Gao. "Shape classifier based on generalized probabilistic descent method with hidden Markov descriptor." Tenth IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV'05) Volume 1. Vol. 1. IEEE, 2005. (Link Here)
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Best Algorithm: EE
Best Accuracy: 100.00%