Train SizeTest SizeLength Number of ClassesNumber of DimensionsType
36 175251 31IMAGE
Data Source: Link Here
Donated By: L. Ye, E. Keogh
Description: The arrowhead data consists of outlines of the images of arrowheads. The shapes of the projectile points are converted into a time series using the angle-based method. The classification of projectile points is an important topic in anthropology. The classes are based on shape distinctions such as the presence and location of a notch in the arrow. The problem in the repository is a length normalised version of that used in Ye09shapelets. The three classes are called "Avonlea", "Clovis" and "Mix"."
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Best Algorithm: WDDTW_1NN
Best Accuracy: 87.68%
Paper First Used: ye09shapelets
Second Link: Link Here