Results with new classifiers on more datasets now available

We have recently updated the result and would ask these be used in subsequent publications. Legacy results from the bake off are still available, see below. The UCR Archive currently contains 128 datasets. 15 of these are unequal length and one (Fungi) has a single instance per class in the train files. We have evaluated state-of-the-art classifiers on the remaining 112 problems, for 30 resamples.

Download all accuracy results and summary statistics.

Download all predictions for all folds accuracy results.

A comparison of ranks for 14 classifiers

Critical difference diagram for 14 classifiers included in the new evaluation. Solid bars indicate cliques, within which there is no significant difference in rank. Tests are performed with the sign rank test using the Holm correction. Top clique of four classifiers represent the state of the art in Spring 2020.

Dictionary Based

Interval and Spectral Based

Shapelet Based

Distance Based

Deep Learning Based


Legacy results used in the paper the great time series classification bake off are below. These are on the 85 datasets that were in the UCR archive at the time.
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