Train SizeTest SizeLength Number of ClassesType
467 3840166 3SIMULATED
Data Source: Link Here
Donated By: L. Li, C. Faloutsos
Description: This dataset was defined in a PhD thesis by Lei Li (Carnegie Mellon University). It was produced by EPANET that models the hydraulic and water quality behavior of water distribution piping systems. EPANET can track, in a given water network, the water level and pressure in each tank, the water flow in the pipes and the concentration of a chemical species (Chlorine in this case) throughout the network within a simulated duration. The data set consists of 166 nodes (pipe junctions) and measurement of the Chlorine concentration level at all these nodes during 15 days (one measurement for every 5 minutes, a total of 4310 time ticks).
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Best Algorithm: SVMQ
Best Accuracy: 84.57%
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