Train SizeTest SizeLength Number of ClassesType
390 390300 12MOTION
Data Source: Link Here
Donated By: A. Mueen, E. Keogh
Description: The series Cricket X, Y and Z are accelerometer data (in three dimensions) taken from actors performing cricket gestures. The twelve classes are different umpire signals: Cancel Call, Dead Ball, Four, Last Hour Leg Bye, No Ball, One Short, Out, Penalty Runs, Six, TV Replay, and Wide. They mounted two accelerometers orthogonal to each other, thus acceleration is measured in 3D space. The accelerometers are housed in a small wrist watch sized enclosure worn in the form of a wrist band. Taken together the data is a multivariate time series classificatin problem, but the serise are not alligned so in its current format cannot be used s such Segmentation of intentional gestures for sports video annotation, Online Context Recognition in Multisensor Systems using Dynamic Time Warping The data are multi-dimensional, but they are not aligned, so it is not possible.
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Best Algorithm: COTE
Best Accuracy: 81.49%
Second Link: Link Here