Train SizeTest SizeLength Number of ClassesType
1000 3702709 2IMAGE
Data Source: Link Here
Donated By: L. Davis, A. Bagnall
Description: This series of 11 classification problems were created as part of Luke Davis's PhD titled "Predictive Modelling of Bone Ageing". They are all derived from the same images, extracted from Cao et al. "Digital hand atlas and web-based bone age assessment: system design and implementation". They are designed to test the efficacy of hand and bone outline detection and whether these outlines could be helpful in bone age prediction. A range of algorithms were applied to automatically extract the hand outlines of over 1300 images, and three human evaluators labelled the output of the image outlining as correct or incorrect. The data is described in detail in the paper On the Segmentation and Classification of Hand Radiographs (IJNS Vol. 22, No 5)
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Best Algorithm: ST
Best Accuracy: 92.39%
Paper First Used: davis12extraction
Second Link: Link Here