Train SizeTest SizeLength Number of ClassesNumber of DimensionsType
36 130343 21MOTION
Data Source: Link Here
Donated By: L. Ye, E. Keogh
Description: The ToeSegmentation data are derived from the CMU Graphics Lab Motion Capture Database(CMU). Motions in the database containing the keyword walk are classified by their motion descriptions into two categories. The first is the normal walk, with only walk in the motion descriptions. The other is the abnormal walk, with the motion descriptions containing: hobble walk, walk wounded leg, walk on toes bent forward,hurt leg walk, drag bad leg walk, or hurt stomach walk. In the abnormal walks, the actors are pretending to have difficulty walking normally. ToeSegmentation1 is the X-Axis, ToeSegmentation2 is the Y-Axis. The data was used in the paper Time series shapelets: a novel technique that allows accurate, interpretable and fast classification with different length series. For the archive it has been length normalised by truncating.
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