Train SizeTest SizeLength Number of ClassesNumber of DimensionsType
100 100275 41SENSOR
Data Source: Link Here
Donated By: D. Roverso
Description: This 4-class dataset is a subset of the Transient Classification Benchmark (trace project), an initiative at the turn of the century to collate data from the application domain of the process industry (e.g. nuclear, chemical, etc.). It is a synthetic dataset designed to simulate instrumentation failures in a nuclear power plant, created by Davide Roverso. The full dataset consists of 16 classes, 50 instances in each class. Each instance has 4 features. The TRACE subset only uses the second feature of class 2 and the third feature of class 3 and 7. Hence, this dataset contains 200 instances, 50 for each class. All instances are linearly interpolated to have the same length of 275 data points, and are z-normalized.
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